Meet Lupin & Anna

Lupin and Anna are a couple of the passionate members of the artist association in Sua. Lupin was born in Sua, but left as a young man in search of a better job. The small village of Sua has limited work opportunities, most of which are in the fishing industry, something Lupin had no interested in. He traveled to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where he spent many years before returning to Sua.
He spent his time watching the artists in Atacames, a neighboring beach town, who made their jewelry from shells, stones and coconut shell and he instantly knew this was what he would do. He bought his first machines and began practicing cutting and polishing the stones and shells. He sold his first hand made necklace in the early 1980’s and continues to perfect his art. He began experimenting with other natural semi precious stones he could find in Ecuador.
The stones he uses are valued for more than aesthetics. They possess intrinsic power known to the ancient Incas who used the Spondylus in ceremonial manners particularly to adorn someone in their grave. Lupin has sold jewelry to people from all over the world and is very proud of that is fact! He strongly believes in passing down his knowledge to the next generations and has hope that the new Sua Art Center will be the place to do so!
His wife, and fellow artist, Anna has been drawing and painting since she was a young child. Inspired by her mother, who is also an artist, she decided to study art in France. During her time there, she learned to refine her hand and eye and to analyze things from different perspectives. She relocated to South America in 2002 to the small village of Sua, Ecuador where she and Lupin raise their two beautiful children on their farm where they also raise their own poultry, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
She strongly believes in the benefit of building an art center in Sua, “The Craft and Cultural Center is of great importance to the community. Its mission is to pass onto the younger generation the artistic skills of their ancestral culture. It is important to  support the initiatives of the people and to value the local crafts and traditions. Creating and disseminating our art is essential to our survival.”
(Lupin working on some shells)
Lupin Working on a Shell
(Lupin & son)
Lupin and his Son
.(Necklace made from various stones and shells all hand cut and polished)
Stone Necklace
(Earring and necklace set made from the Spondylus Shell)
Spondylus Shell
(What a beautiful family!)
Lupin & Anna
(Anna working on a painting)
anna painting
(Anna’s amazing paintings)
Annas Painting
Anna Paintinghis is a space
(Enjoying life with some friend. What a cool hang out spot!)
Enjoying life with some friends
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2 responses to “Meet Lupin & Anna

  1. It is a Beautiful THOUGHT You Two are REALIZING with this PROJECT….That Has BODY, HEART, MIND & SOUL……… Harmony and in GOOD PLACE to Give to the Yourself to the Community……that SUSTAINS YOU, Guides You, Moulds You, Inspires You……and Which is a Big PART of Your LIFE.
    I wish You SUCCESS and HOPE Some Day Soon I Can be a Part of it in Any Capacity…..I Can Participate from Here in Bangalore or Maybe some day Come visit you to Get INSPIRED and TOGETHER Work Magic With You and the COMMUNITY…..! The Photos Look SERENE and JOYFUL with Good Energy…..PROUD to be Your Friend and Thank You for Introducing Yourself Again Anna and Introducing your Beautiful Family to Me…..It will be my PLEASURE to HOST you WHENEVER you Decide to COME to INDIA/BANGALORE…..Perhaps to Share Your Experiences and Take Back Some of the Vast Wisdom that INDIA Stands On……….!!!!!

    Warm Hug to the Family and LOVE & LIGHT….SHINE ON

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